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#3 | 6' | Guard

Wrightstown, WI

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Signed July 26th, 2021

Jonathan Braeger signs contract with Baskets Vilsbiburg to pursue a paid professional career in Germany!



Wisconsin Blaze will always have a big part of my journey overseas. Ever since the blaze started I have been a part of their semi pro teams. It all started when the Blaze Pro was known as the Wisconsin Game-Changers. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this program and was always welcomed with open arms! Most recently being a part of the Blaze Pro has helped me and pushed me to be the best player I can be on and off the court. With the coaches making sure we are getting the right treatment and also the players pushing me to my highest potential, not just during practice but during games as well. Each practice we got after each other and pushed one another to get better! The competitiveness is what will always make a player better. The mindset of each player that has been a part of Blaze Pro is team success before individual success. With that attitude everyone will be successful not just on the court but in life in general. Being a part of the WBL has been a big reason why I was able to reach my highest potential especially during the COVID pandemic. The WBL brought high talent from all around the state of Wisconsin. Playing against the best and beating the best helped me gain ultimate confidence not just as a player but as a leader. Being named MVP of the first season of the WBL was a huge blessing but it wasn’t because I was putting up crazy numbers but it was because I was a leader and a great teammate before thinking of my individual success. If I would say one thing about the WBL is that it opens doors to many opportunities. Providing you with game film and stats and letting players play at high level competition if they didn’t get the chance or opportunity to play college. For those that are chasing your dream of playing professionally just remember don’t stop. There will be many roadblocks but you need to find it deep down inside to keep moving forward and working hard and trust in God's plan and timing! I’ve been truly blessed to be a part of Blaze Pro and the WBL 💯


#4 | 6'5'' | Guard

Rosendale, WI



Signed Nov. 13th, 2019

Brett Wittchow signs contract with TVO Biggesse to pursue a paid professional career in Olpe, Germany!



“For the past couple months I’ve been working and training at Blaze Sports & Fitness. I was given as good of a support system as anyone could ask for, including top-of-the-line facilities and trainers. However, even with all of this support I was still missing something: a team. Wisconsin Blaze Pro is more than a basketball team, it’s a family. I was welcomed in with open arms and quickly developed relationships that will last a lifetime. It allowed me to prepare for overseas in a way that simply training couldn’t have done. I faced legit competition every single practice, and was able to compete in real, intense, meaningful games. It kept my mind and body in it’s absolute most elite state, meaning I was ready as soon as my call came to travel to Germany and start my overseas professional career. Wisconsin Blaze Pro will always be family for me, and for that I’m thankful.”